The Diocesan Tribunal assists the Bishop of Charleston as he fulfills his judicial ministry to the People of God, in accord with the Code of Canon Law of the Catholic Church. In service to the People of God, the Bishop of Charleston authorizes the Tribunal to hear the cases of all individuals seeking to clarify their marital status, as the Church understands the bond of marriage, who are subject to the Bishop’s jurisdiction. The Tribunal is open to all who have canonical grounds and can provide the Tribunal with the requisite proofs. In fulfilling its mandate, the Tribunal seeks to protect the canonical rights of the Faithful, including the right to privacy, while upholding the Christian obligations of the members of the Roman Catholic Church.

Case Assistant Training

If you know someone you think would make a good Case Assistant, please speak with your pastor so that he may recommend him/her for the training. We will be offering Case Assistant Training in two different locations: Charleston and Greenville. The training in Charleston will be held on Tuesdays, October 27th and November 10th, at St. Leo University, North Charleston. The Training in Greenville will be held on Wednesdays, November 4th and November 18th at St. Mary’s Church. More detailed information will be sent to you after registration.

We will also be offering a Refresher Course for current Case Assistants on the new changes decreed by Pope Francis and how these will affect our process. This course will be held in the Simpsonville/Greenville and in Charleston in November. More details will be revealed in the newsletter.

Downloadable Forms
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